30 September 2009

The Well Dressed Home

Fashionable Designs Inspired by Your Personal Style

Charming, unique, enchanting and very, very alluring. "The Well Dressed Room" by Annette Tatum and photography by Karyn Millet proposes an intriguing notion; your clothes mirror your personality and so should your home. Collections of elegant, polished and artful photographs grace the pages and collages or "storyboards" translate fashion into home decorating designs. Three chapters, each with fun titles; "From Runway To Room", "Design Style Guide" and "Mixing Fashionable Home Decor" lead the reader into the realm of style. Romantic, couture, classic, casual, bohemian, retro, resort, modern, eclectic, vintage and eco details are mixed using a diversity of the old and the new. Karyn Millet's photographs create a transcending emotion of chic timelessness with flowing, well placed objects and a brightness which symbolizes the art of living. The concept is both rich and splendidly simple. Pick up a copy, choose your style, place it on a table next to your bed, and revisit "The Well Dressed Room".

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